Made in USA

Red Wing har för tillfället tre fabriker i USA – i Minnesota, Missouri och Kentucky. Så när du köper ett par Red Wing, vilket du bör göra, förväntar du dig kanske att de är tillverkade i USA med tanken att det borgar för bättre kvalitet. Men så är inte alltid fallet då de har börjat förlägga produktion av vissa enstaka modeller till Kina. En konsument skrev ett brev till Red Wing för att ifrågasätta detta och fick följande svar:

Red Wing Shoe Company operates 3 U.S. manufacturing plants located in Red Wing, Minnesota, Potosi, Missouri and Danville, Kentucky. We employ over 1,000 skilled craftsmen. We also own and operate our own tannery in Red Wing, with a workforce of 170. Annually our plants manufacture over two million pairs of work boots. In the last year our domestic work force increased by 6 %. We think that’s a very positive trend given the overall continued decline of U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Red Wing Shoe Company is one of a handful of companies still making shoes in the U.S. The domestic footwear industry has dwindled to this point because consumers have voted with their wallets for lower cost imported shoes. Today 98.5% of all footwear purchased in the United States is manufactured off-shore. Consequently, manufacturing shoes domestically is a lot harder, as the domestic businesses that provide our industry with materials disappear. As an example, this year one of our suppliers of steel toe caps went out of business. They were forced to close because the domestic demand for their product wasn’t sufficient to keep them operating profitably.

Unfortunately our 3 U.S. plants cannot completely satisfy the demand for all styles and prices of work footwear. As an example, today’s younger consumer demands an athletic type shoe at a low price. This style of footwear cannot be competitively manufactured in our domestic plants. So we source these products offshore. We design them. We test their performance to insure they live up to the Red Wing quality standards. We hope that by providing these young workers shoes they desire today, we can someday move them into our premium Made In USA footwear products. Their fathers and grandfathers wore Red Wings. We would like to keep them and future generations wearing our brand.

Again we thank you for contacting us and trust this explanation reinforces your belief that Red Wing is committed to making footwear in the U.S.

Matt Streiff
Red Wing Brands of America